What do near-death experiences tell us about the afterlife?

I’m sure you’ve heard stories before from people who have nearly died and then been revived (at least on television or in a book). There’s usually some story about seeing a white light and perhaps the disembodied soul of a lost loved one.

But stop right there. So the person isn’t really dead…just nearly dead. And yet he or she has at least a glimpse of the world beyond. But what does that say about God? That He lit up the all Welcome to Heaven signs before the sun went down? That He didn’t realize it was a false alarm? I can just see the billboards now:

So you saw the white light even though you weren’t really dead? Oops. My bad. That was supposed to be a surprise.


One thought on “What do near-death experiences tell us about the afterlife?”

  1. I had an out of body experience while having triple bypass surgery. I saw a Jesus figure coming in my direction. No words were exchanged, but it seem as if I had a choice to either go with him or return to take care of my then 5-year old son. I chose to return. Whether it was matter of being the middle of drug-induced sleep and waking up, oxygen deprivation or what, that experience helped to affirm the faith I was cultivating at the time and a long time after.

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