An open letter to the girl from the elevator

I do not know your name or specifically where your desk is, but I owe you an apology.

This morning when you boarded the elevator I was riding on, you became the unsuspecting victim of some gastrointestinal distress on my part. I am sure that this did not go unnoticed because when you entered the elevator and the doors closed, I heard a large, deep sniff.

You unwittingly left me with a difficult dilemma. When I had released the toxic fumes I assumed that I would be riding the elevator alone. At the last moment, however, you came walking at what seemed like a desperate clip trying to board the elevator.

I was torn…should I hold the elevator for you and expose you to this ghastly scent or should I have let the doors close (for your own good)? Neither option was appealing.

I would like to let you know that this odor is not a perpetual one from me. No doubt you have faced similar dilemmas yourself, but perhaps none as vexing as this one was for me.

So if we meet again I hope it will be under more fragrant circumstances.



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