Making things happen vs. forcing things to happen

There’s an important difference between making things happen and forcing things to happen.

When you make something happen, you might act as a sort of catalyst to something that would have happened anyway. Maybe you put the pieces together. Maybe you create the right environment. Maybe you formulate a plan. Good results tend to flow from this.

When you force something to happen that means you are presumably up against some opposing force. It’s like trying to fall upward or run into a gale-force wind. It’s really hard work, often fraught with peril and disappointment.

Now this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to overcome big problems by sheer force of will or beat long odds to achieve success. That sort of wherewithal is very necessary when the stakes are high and failure is not an option.

But some pursuits just aren’t worth the trouble. No matter how badly you want to eat the fruit from a Ginkgo biloba tree, you’re much better off knowing that the tree does not bear fruit.

That’s when it’s time to pick a new battle.

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