Technology can be part of the problem — or part of the solution

There’s a new public service announcement out that warns teens about the dangers of texting while driving.

As you can probably tell, calling it graphic is an understatement. It’s gruesome but definitely a bitter pill of much-needed reality. I have to admit I have done this on a few occasions, but I must stop.

Of course, the fact that some people stupidly text while driving doesn’t mean that everybody who texts does so dangerously. The ability to send text messages via cell phone is a boon and can even be life saving in certain situations, as evidenced by the advent of text 911. Texting is a technological advancement that can be used for good.

But, better yet, there are some additional technological advancements now that enable people to send and receive text messages much more safely through car stereo systems via Bluetooth. Of course Bluetooth headsets are used more commonly, but these new car stereo systems (which are also available aftermarket for older cars) can really save lives.

So before all of the Luddites out there go blaming the abundance of technology for many of society’s ills, they should remember that technological tools can really improve people’s lives as well.

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