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Creation museum misleads children while extorting their parents

In Petersburg, Kentucky, just a short drive from the Cincinnati International Airport, there’s a con going on.

A group called Answers in Genesis recently opened the crown jewel in its plan for world domination: the Creation Museum. According to the official website (, more than 4,000 people visited on the first day.

What exactly will you find in the $27 million Creation Museum? There’s a display of children playing with docile, plant-eating dinosaurs (because, if Genesis is true, then humans and dinosaurs must have coexisted peacefully); a planetarium designed to explain how we can see light from stars that are only a few thousand years old even though they are millions of light years away; a scale model of Noah’s Ark, designed to prove that all “created kinds” could have fit on it, including dinosaurs; and a movie-style ride complete with moving seats and water sprays to simulate the global flood.

This might sound like crazy fun until you get to a really bizarre, heavy-handed exhibit that shows a wrecking ball marked “Millions of Years” destroying a church and apparently causing teenage boys to watch porn (unfortunately this part is merely implied), young girls to have abortions and parents to divorce.

You see, Answers in Genesis isn’t just putting on a fun, harmless display of the Bible as literature. This organization is using theme park-class special effects to train children as cultural warriors in the fight against modern science.

I wish this were an anomaly…a fringe spectacle in some remote hamlet in the Appalachians. But it’s not. Answers in Genesis claims that they built the museum near Cincinnati because it’s easily accessible from all over the country. In other words, it was strategically located to reach as many people as possible. Interestingly, once all of these people arrive, the tickets are strategically priced to gouge them. What other museum charges each adult $20?

So perhaps there’s an ulterior motive afoot here. Maybe Answers in Genesis isn’t a non-profit organization after all. Many religious leaders have been effective scam artists, from Jim Bakker to Benny Hinn to Kent “Dr. Dino” Hovind. Here’s hoping the authorities take a really close look at Ken Ham and his Creation Museum.