Wish you were here…but at least you’re online

I have to admit it. I have a problem. (That’s the first step to recovery, right?)

I love to travel.

I don’t get tired of moving around. I am hooked on seeing new and exciting places all the time. I love to explore. Whether it’s a new city, a breathtaking mountain range or a soothing beach

Right now I am writing this from a hotel room in Panama City Beach, which is 769 miles from home. I never really thought I was capable of homesickness, but I do miss people when I am separated from them.

I got a text message this morning on my cell phone and wished I could do more than just type back. This afternoon I was reading a book that I borrowed from a friend and imagined her explaining the notes she had written in the margin. (One more reason to borrow books instead of buying them!) I imagined another good friend daring me to do something dangerous that made me uncomfortable but was probably character-forming.

I realize now how fortunate I am to live in an era when I can stay constantly connected to the people I care about with the Internet and cell phones. A text message or a Facebook status is no substitute for being there, but it is a good patch-up for homesickness.

Likewise technology enables people to do more work while staying closer to their families. The other day, my manager was both at home AND at work thanks to her laptop. In my previous job I was able to stay in touch with my office even when I was away at a conference. I could answer my cell phone and customers could not tell where I was.

I realize that not everyone has a job for which this sort of virtual office makes sense, but it’s becoming more and more common than you might think. And in my humble opinion (IMHO), that’s a very good thing.