The Health Policy Wonk

I have two separate blogs. This blog is more personal in nature. My other blog, The Health Policy Wonk, is devoted to health care, health policy and public health since that’s my primary area of expertise. It’s more academically-oriented, but still easy to understand for non-experts.

3 thoughts on “The Health Policy Wonk”

  1. I found your research on medical treatment errors being the third leading cause of death dismally disturbing, thinking the biggest reason we are in this fix is because practitioners, clinics, hospitals and industry providers do not guarantee their work and/or equipment like we demand from other professionals who work on our automobiles, fix our watches or even repair our computers. Anytime pay and profit stay the same whether the service performed is 1st Class or a total botch, it is bound to lead to greater and greater medical treatment errors and often with a flair of flippancy. Something has got to give, especially since so much of household income has to be devoted to health care costs.

    1. I think the motivation is there for them, and they are really trying for the most part, but when our payment mechanisms and medical records are all proprietary, it makes it difficult to get much in the way of useful information. Countries with single-payer systems have their own problems, but they seem to do better at this because everything is not so fragmented. The other problem is that we have a history of elevating physicians to godlike status, and a lot of them take offense to being seen as fallible humans who can be questioned.

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