In addition to blogging, I also dabble in photography, including a stint in 2002 as a reporter/photographer for The Mooresville-Decatur Times. So here’s some of my best work to date. All images are copyrighted to the author, Daniel Dougan. Please do not copy or repost without permission.

Downtown Indianapolis at Night
Chicago 2012



Electric pole and Big Dipper
Sometimes the stars just align for that perfect photo. Literally — you will find this electrical pole surrounded by the Big Dipper.


Happy Dog
In Carmel, Indiana — an affluent edge city to the north of Indianapolis — even the dogs are pampered.


Old Town Apartments
These are the Old Town Apartments in Carmel, Indiana. Not exactly an architectural landmark, but the light in this scene just “worked.”


Bazbeaux patio
Bazbeaux Pizza — which is a great local chain in the Indianapolis area — had the chairs stacked against the tables to signal that the place was closed for the night…inside and out.
Arts and Design District
This couple was walking along the sidewalk in Carmel, Indiana’s Arts and Design District. Carmel is a very old town, but as Indianapolis grew northward and affluent residents flocked to the suburbs, this tiny town became a major edge city. The Arts and Design District sits on the original Main Street, but many of the buildings are new despite being designed to look much older. Carmel is a little slice of Paris in Central Indiana…full of Euro architecture and roundabouts.


Santa Monica Pier sign
This is the famous Santa Monica Pier sign. I think it’s neat during the day, but it’s even cooler at night.


Fluorescent Painter
This man was using fluorescent paint to communicate a gospel message to passersby at Santa Monica Pier.


Ferris Wheel
The ferris wheel at Pacific Park put on a dazzling light show.

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